Joe’s Bar


If you are looking for the perfect spot in Chicago to listen to live music, Joe’s Bar is your place. Joe’s is large enough for a big stage, yet small enough to were it is an intimate space to enjoy music. Because it is on the smaller side, you can pretty much see anywhere you stand, except of course if you are in a wheelchair. But one of the nice things about Joe’s is they always cater to people in wheelchairs or with other disabilities. They always let Gary go in before everyone else to get a spot up front where he can actually see. Or there is a raised platform on the side of the stage that is for VIPs, but they usually let us go up there because it is easier for Gary. Although it isn’t as close as front and center stage, there is a bar connected to the platform and easier access to the restroom. So we tend to pick that spot if we can, but if you would rather be closer to the stage, it may not be for you. To each his own, right? The staff couldn’t be nicer and are always willing to help Gary. Next time you are looking for a place to listen to some tunes, check out Joe’s Bar on Weed Street.


If you are looking for a new band to follow, check out Cadillac Three ! A mix between southern rock and country. They are amazing live.




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