Windy City Smoke Out


For the past few summers we have been going to the Windy City Smoke Out in Chicago. It is a country festival with tons of great barbecue and music. Every time we go, we have a blast. You can’t go wrong with delicious food,  great music and a beautiful view.


There is a ton to look at while you wonder around the fest and it is pretty easy to get around in a wheelchair. The one obstacle you might face is just trying to maneuver through the crowds of people.


They do have handicap bathrooms and the handicap section is actually right in front of the stage. This year the section was a little on the smaller side, but nevertheless it was still amazing to be that close to the stage and the artists. The first two days they allowed all of us to go in the handicap section. There was three of us. But by the third day, they told us only one person could go with Gary in the handicap section. They did eventually tell us we could all go in.  I would be aware however, that if you bring a group with you, there is a limit to how many you can bring in the section.

Overall the fest is awesome and accessible. We definitely recommend checking it out if you enjoy country music!LRG_DSC00590




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