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Ireland Accessible Hotels


When we went to Ireland last year we were a little afraid of how accessible the accommodations would be. To our surprise we actually booked two hotels that were perfectly accessible and very nice. We ended up staying at the Brooks Hotel in Dublin and the g Hotel in Galway.


Both had accessible rooms, however, there wasn’t an accessible room left at the g Hotel. We did call ahead of time to both hotels to check on how our accommodations would be. When we called the g Hotel, they said that all their handicap accessible rooms were booked, but they would make sure that we had a room that had a roll in shower that was accessible for Gary.  The staff was great on the phone and in person. The g Hotel’s room was huge and beautiful. They upgraded us to a Luxury suite, so that we could have a roll in shower. The bathroom was very roomy and modern, but the roll in shower was a little tricky. The shower itself was huge, but the door into the shower was a little narrow. We were still able get Gary’s chair through with enough room to transfer to a shower bench, even though it was a little tight. We would definitely recommend this hotel. We can’t speak for the actual accessible rooms, but the non-accessible Luxury suite was as good as some of the hotels out there that claim to have accessible rooms. This is one of the nicest hotels in Galway, but just be aware that it’s a little far to walk to the downtown area of Galway. A cab will probably be necessary most days. If you are staying in Galway, check out the g Hotel. You won’t be disappointed!




Now, let’s make our way back to Dublin and back to the Brooks hotel. The accessible room was an average size, but very clean and upscale. The bathroom was a decent size with a roll in shower. The room and hotel worked out perfect for us. It was a perfect location. There were plenty of restaurants, bars, museums and shopping to walk/roll to.  We loved this hotel! If you are staying in Dublin and looking for an accessible room, please check out the Brooks hotel!

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In both hotels, the included breakfast is amazing. You can order anything off the breakfast menu and there is a buffet as well. This is not your holiday inn type of breakfast buffet, this is very upscale dinning with delicious food with all sorts of options. One of the best parts of the trip was stuffing ourselves with the gourmet breakfast foods before we went exploring.

Unfortunately, we don’t have many pictures of the hotels themselves except the second picture shown above, but we did manage to capture some pictures of the surrounding areas.


Joe’s Bar


If you are looking for the perfect spot in Chicago to listen to live music, Joe’s Bar is your place. Joe’s is large enough for a big stage, yet small enough to were it is an intimate space to enjoy music. Because it is on the smaller side, you can pretty much see anywhere you stand, except of course if you are in a wheelchair. But one of the nice things about Joe’s is they always cater to people in wheelchairs or with other disabilities. They always let Gary go in before everyone else to get a spot up front where he can actually see. Or there is a raised platform on the side of the stage that is for VIPs, but they usually let us go up there because it is easier for Gary. Although it isn’t as close as front and center stage, there is a bar connected to the platform and easier access to the restroom. So we tend to pick that spot if we can, but if you would rather be closer to the stage, it may not be for you. To each his own, right? The staff couldn’t be nicer and are always willing to help Gary. Next time you are looking for a place to listen to some tunes, check out Joe’s Bar on Weed Street.


If you are looking for a new band to follow, check out Cadillac Three ! A mix between southern rock and country. They are amazing live.




Cancun Part Three


One of the best restaurants we have tried in Cancun, hands down, is Puerto Madero. We actually went there twice last time we were in Cancun. It has beautiful views, a great atmosphere and even better food. Try the sashimi platter. It’s the one of the best we ever had. The portions of sashimi are huge and very tasty. The seafood, lobster, and steak are all amazing too. Unfortunately, we forgot to take pictures of the food. We were too busy enjoying it! Everything we have had off their menu is just wonderful. Oh, and they have a great wine selection as well. Getting into the restaurant is a little tricky. There is a ramp, but it isn’t quite up to code. It’s just a little steep, but still accessible. You may just need a little push, but the staff is more than willing to help. The staff are great too. Very helpful and accommodating. Please, if you are going to Cancun, you have to check out this restaurant. It won’t disappoint.


View from our table.


Cancun Part Two


On one of our last nights in Cancun, we decided to go to see JOYA Cirque du Soleil. It was amazing! The show included dinner and a bottle of champagne for the two of us. They provided pre-show entertainment for dinner as shown above. Everything there was so beautiful. It was such a magical experience. Getting there however, was a little rough. We booked our tickets through our hotel, Cancun Westin Lagunamar which included transportation and the dinner and show experience. The pick up location was right across the street from the hotel. Getting to the pick up location was easy, however, the transportation provided was on a coach bus which was not handicap accessible. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any accessible buses or transportation provided to the show. It would be very difficult for most people in a wheelchair to be able to get into the bus. Luckily, there were a couple of nice people that helped carry Gary onto the bus. But if being carried unto a bus is not your thing, your best bet would probably be to get a cab from your hotel to the show.  I’m assuming that might be pretty pricey depending on where you are staying. The show’s location is in Rivera Maya, not Cancun.


When we arrived to the show, they had someone guide us from the parking area all the way into the building where the show was held. They also let us go into the show before everyone else to get situated. We booked the show the night before, so unfortunately the handicap accessible seats were already booked. The dinner area they found for us was down a couple of steps, so a couple of the workers helped carry Gary down the stairs. This actually went very smoothly and everyone was very nice and helpful. I don’t know how it would work if you were in a power chair though. So I would suggest to book early to ensure you have handicap accessible seats and don’t run into that problem. There were areas you could sit that didn’t involve stairs.  They weren’t handicap accessible seats and they didn’t serve dinner there, but you could get a bottle of champagne or wine and could probably make it work for you. The dinner service and food were fabulous and the atmosphere was even better with the wonderful pre-show entertainment. We didn’t get any pictures of the dinner but we did get a picture of the dessert. It came inside a book!


The actual show was amazing. So much talent! The whole experience is highly recommended by us! Go check it out!



Cancun Westin Lagunamar


It was so nice to get away from the gloomy midwest and head to sunshine at the Westin Lagunamar. Cancun was beautiful and the weather was pretty much perfect. It could have been just a little bit warmer for our taste, but definitely nothing to complain about. The picture above shows the busy swim-up bar at the main pool. Generally it was pretty easy to get a drink except at their happy hour. The pool lift was right next to the bar, which made it pretty convenient to pop right in a grab a drink.


The beach was beautiful. The water wasn’t as clear as some places in the Caribbean, but nevertheless it was perfect for us. More people were at the pool than the beach and most days you couldn’t even get in the ocean due to the heavy winds.


There wasn’t a paved path from the hotel to the water, which made us hesitant to go on the beach because it was so hot. We wanted easy access to get back to the pool water incase either of us got too hot. Most beaches do not seem to have a paved path through the beach to the water, but it really would be a plus if they started incorporating them! The picture below is the ramp that butted up against the beach.


On the ramp.


The hotel had two pools. A main pool and a slightly smaller pool. Both had swim up bars. Since it was a crazy busy week with spring breakers, it was hard to find chairs near the main pool, so most days we ended up hanging at the smaller pool. Less people and less noise and better seats!

Smaller pool.


Chair lift at smaller pool. Notice the lip on edge of the pool. Made a little more difficult to balance for transfers.


Main pool.


Here is one of the hot tubs. Unfortunately, there was no lift but we did have a couple of very nice people to help us to get in and out. People always seem more than willing to help. It is always refreshing to realize most people really do want to help out their fellow humans.



View from our room.

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Overall, the resort was very nice. It was crowded during spring break, but I’m assuming most places in Cancun would be. It was easy for Gary to get around and the room was accessible. Every hotel’s version of accessible is a little bit different. This one was definitely approved by Gary, however the shower bench was on the smaller side which might be more difficult for some. The hotel was in a perfect location. A mall right across the street and close to tons of restaurants. It isn’t an all-inclusive resort, so we did venture out to quite a few restaurants off the resort and ate in our room a bit. We did have a kitchen in our room, so we were able to cook. We do recommend to buy your own booze at a grocery store, because you are allowed to bring it down to the pool. Of course, you could always have one of the bartenders make you a fabulous frozen drink instead of making your own.

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