Ireland Adventures


Some of the friendliest people you will ever meet are the Irish. Meeting some of the locals was one of the best experiences of our Ireland trip. One local definitely stood out  in helping us enjoy our trip to the fullest. His name is Jonny Mac and he owns a tour guide company called Jonny Mac’s famous Ireland tours. As far as we know, he has the only tour company in Dublin that caters to wheelchair users. He has a handicap accessible van and will take you pretty much anywhere you would like to go for a day trip from Dublin. We decided to go see Giant’s Causeway and along the way he took us through Belfast, to the Dark Hedges (shown in Game of Thrones), a beautiful broken down castle, a little cafe with the best scones we ever tasted and then to a quaint restaurant with delicious oysters. It was an amazing day and we have to thank Jonny for that. Not only is he friendly and easy going, he was very helpful to Gary. His personality is one where you feel as if you been friends for years. Easy to talk, very knowledgable about local history and knew the all the best spots to explore. We would have never found all these wonderful restaurants, little towns, and beautiful history without him. Traveling with him really took the stress out of site seeing, as he did all the work for us. We highly recommend him!  A must if you are traveling to Ireland.


Ireland Accessible Hotels


When we went to Ireland last year we were a little afraid of how accessible the accommodations would be. To our surprise we actually booked two hotels that were perfectly accessible and very nice. We ended up staying at the Brooks Hotel in Dublin and the g Hotel in Galway.


Both had accessible rooms, however, there wasn’t an accessible room left at the g Hotel. We did call ahead of time to both hotels to check on how our accommodations would be. When we called the g Hotel, they said that all their handicap accessible rooms were booked, but they would make sure that we had a room that had a roll in shower that was accessible for Gary.  The staff was great on the phone and in person. The g Hotel’s room was huge and beautiful. They upgraded us to a Luxury suite, so that we could have a roll in shower. The bathroom was very roomy and modern, but the roll in shower was a little tricky. The shower itself was huge, but the door into the shower was a little narrow. We were still able get Gary’s chair through with enough room to transfer to a shower bench, even though it was a little tight. We would definitely recommend this hotel. We can’t speak for the actual accessible rooms, but the non-accessible Luxury suite was as good as some of the hotels out there that claim to have accessible rooms. This is one of the nicest hotels in Galway, but just be aware that it’s a little far to walk to the downtown area of Galway. A cab will probably be necessary most days. If you are staying in Galway, check out the g Hotel. You won’t be disappointed!




Now, let’s make our way back to Dublin and back to the Brooks hotel. The accessible room was an average size, but very clean and upscale. The bathroom was a decent size with a roll in shower. The room and hotel worked out perfect for us. It was a perfect location. There were plenty of restaurants, bars, museums and shopping to walk/roll to.  We loved this hotel! If you are staying in Dublin and looking for an accessible room, please check out the Brooks hotel!

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In both hotels, the included breakfast is amazing. You can order anything off the breakfast menu and there is a buffet as well. This is not your holiday inn type of breakfast buffet, this is very upscale dinning with delicious food with all sorts of options. One of the best parts of the trip was stuffing ourselves with the gourmet breakfast foods before we went exploring.

Unfortunately, we don’t have many pictures of the hotels themselves except the second picture shown above, but we did manage to capture some pictures of the surrounding areas.