Cancun Part Three


One of the best restaurants we have tried in Cancun, hands down, is Puerto Madero. We actually went there twice last time we were in Cancun. It has beautiful views, a great atmosphere and even better food. Try the sashimi platter. It’s the one of the best we ever had. The portions of sashimi are huge and very tasty. The seafood, lobster, and steak are all amazing too. Unfortunately, we forgot to take pictures of the food. We were too busy enjoying it! Everything we have had off their menu is just wonderful. Oh, and they have a great wine selection as well. Getting into the restaurant is a little tricky. There is a ramp, but it isn’t quite up to code. It’s just a little steep, but still accessible. You may just need a little push, but the staff is more than willing to help. The staff are great too. Very helpful and accommodating. Please, if you are going to Cancun, you have to check out this restaurant. It won’t disappoint.


View from our table.


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