Secrets Puerto Los Cabos

IMG_0068_2.jpgA few months ago we went to Cabo San Lucas for a little get away with some friends. We ended up staying at Secrets Puerto Los Cabos. The surrounding area and drive to the resort was just beautiful.


After getting to the resort they didn’t have an handicap accessible room for us, so they upgraded us to a room with a swim out pool. The room had plenty of room for Gary to move around, but the room still wasn’t accessible. The shower had a step to get in, so we had to bump Gary up to get into the shower.  So there wouldn’t be a way you could shower if you were on your own. Now, they did tell us the accessible room would be available the next night, but we decided to stay in our room and make it work since we had the swim out pool and we were already unpacked. Of course there wasn’t a lift for the swim out pool, but it was a very nice view.

The hotel in general was very nice and we had a blast. We pretty much just stayed by the pool and hung out with our friends the whole time. We never really made it out of the resort, nor did we check out the beach. The best part of the hotel was that it was all inclusive. The restaurants were hit or miss. Some of the restaurants were delicious others were just so so. But hey, everything was included, so you could really order as much as you wanted or go to a different restaurant if you weren’t satisfied. The pool and swim up bar were nice but unfortunately no pool lift. So we would give the pool a thumbs down for being wheelchair friendly. Luckily we had friends there to help us get in and out of the pool.

So overall rating for wheelchair users

Room: thumbs ↓

Hotel: thumbs ↑

Pool: thumbs ↓


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